trembeling with questions.
in awe of how much is going on.
amazed by this rollercoaster ride.

i feel
and new beginnings.

i feel i’m turning the pages of life
so fast now…
as if..
i have to read more than one chapter
or more than one book
at once
and you know,
not all the characters are keeping up.

I feel…
this burning inside me
has turned me into a rocket
and i am speeding up
there’s nothing to hold on to.
It’s breath taking and exciting
and sometimes i get dizzy and nausea
shot into the open space
like that…

i feel i have
no safety net beneath,
no safety belt on,
just no safety at all 
at times.

and yet, i am supported
by some mysterious presence
pushing me to move forward,
making my heart feel watched lovingly
in this crazy ride.


i feel…
i want YOU.
by my side.
holding my hand through it all.
never letting me go.
i feel..such a longing
to be me
fully me
and yet to be yours
to belong

to someone and something
that would make me feel home…
and wanted
and loved
with all that i am.

i am flying higher and higher
catching the wind under my wings
pushing through clouds,
hair loose,
skin burnt by the sun
on my way to the light..

i think i am tired
just a little bit tired
of flying on my own..

i feel the need 
to touch 
solid ground with my feet
so that i can push again up,
i wanna show TO YOU the stars
and the Earth 
from up above.

Do you want to come with me?

i feel the need to have a friend
prepaired for such a breath-taking ride

and the need to have a Home
to return to


Author: Alina Dospinescu

Psiholog, trainer si Specialist in Academia Femeilor, Alina ajuta femeile sa se deschida fata de energia sacra a feminitatii si sa faca din viata in trup de femeie o binecuvantare pentru sine si pentru cei dragi. In calitate de facilitator de workshopuri si Grupuri pentru femei, ofera nu doar consilere si ghidare prin exercitii practice de feminitate (fata in fata si online), ci si caldura sufleteasca si incredere in sine femeilor cu care lucreaza, pentru ca stie ca orice transformare porneste in primul rand din inima. Alina aduce bucurie, iubire, transformare si o scanteie de magie divina in viata femeilor ce aleg sa descopere feminitatea lor unica si fascinanta in minunatul cadru al Grupurilor de Feminitate.

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